The sparkling wine
born from the
of a dream

Etyssa was born
from the dedication
of four friends
in pursuing their
their own dream

Our Cuvées

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Slow things are the most beautiful.
One must know how to wait.

"Trentodoc is a fine sparkling wine,
a true Mountain Sparkling Wine
recognized among the best in the world"

Etyssa can boast the prestigious Trentodoc certification.

Trentodoc for us is not just a simple brand to be printed on the label, it is a vision, an idea of sparkling wine that cannot be separated from a careful selection of vineyards, a rigorous research on production processes that we try to refine every year starting from the harvest stages.

Our Cuvées represent the highest expression of each individual year.

The story of Etyssa

ETYSSA comes
from Etisa,
the name in German
ancient of the river

“La vita è così amara,
lo spumante così dolce,
perché dunque
non bere?”