high quality
at high altitude

From the heart of Trentino

We are located in the heart of the renowned Trentodoc production area, where the characteristics of a Mediterranean climate blend harmoniously with cool alpine breezes.

Our vineyards are located at an altitude of about 500m between the villages of Mojà, Tavernaro and Villamontagna, on the slopes of Mount Calisio, which rises to 1,097 meters above sea level.
During the growing season, the intense temperature excursions between day and night, favored by the ascending currents of the surrounding mountains, give the terroir a peculiar vitality.

A particular and fascinating element is the soil on which our vines grow: a dolomitic soil of glacial origin, characterized by a predominant presence of skeleton, which makes it deep, fresh and excellently drained.

Origin of the name

The name Etyssa comes from the term by which the Adige River was called in ancient German: Etisa.

The orographic and climatic characteristics of the area in which our vineyards are located certainly owe much to the passage of the Adige River, which contributed significantly to the formation of the land we experience today.

The combination of these special environmental conditions creates an ideal fertile soil for the cultivation and production of high quality grapes.

Our vineyards

A territory of excellence, for a sparkling wine of excellence

Sparkling wine from the mountains

The Trentodoc brand is now recognized worldwide as a guarantee of a product of the highest quality.
In order to produce “millesimato” and “riserva” Trentodoc sparkling wines, it is necessary to comply with a strict specification that includes some basic rules defining production processes and the origin of raw materials.

For us, producing a Trentodoc is a source of pride but above all it is a stimulus and an incentive to constantly improve and refine our cultivation and production techniques.
We know that we live and work in a territory with unique characteristics and we are proud to be able to enhance and promote it to the fullest thanks to our products.