born from the
of a dream

How it started

Etyssa is the story of four friends: Giovanni, Malcolm, Stefano, and Federico.
Some of us knew each other since childhood, but our friendship was solidified during high school, we were classmates and shared many professional experiences both at home, in Trentino, and abroad.

In 2009, during university, we started making Metodo Classico sparkling wine.
In the beginning, none of us would have imagined starting such an ambitious project as the one we are pursuing today.
Our goal was to experience firsthand what we had studied and spend time together, producing a few bottles of Metodo Classico to share with friends and family on special occasions.

Passion and Commitment

During the third year of production, something changed.
We realized that the product we were getting was more than excellent.
We fell deeply in love with what we were doing, and working together became a pleasure.

We made an important decision: it was time to enhance our project and take it to the next level.

Research & Development

Our passion has led us to increase and refine our skills. We have invested time, energy and resources in researching and developing new production techniques, perfecting our products and expanding our distribution network.

But our journey is not over yet.
We are always looking for new challenges, new possibilities for innovation. We continue to share our passion and pursue our common dream, working to offer our customers unique and exciting experiences through our high-quality sparkling wines.

The journey continues

Etyssa was born from sharing a dream, but it has grown through the commitment, dedication and determination of a group of friends who have become family.

All of this is Etyssa and our journey continues….